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Where to see the West Street Band

The band turn up fairly randomly at pubs in the Kettering & Thrapston area. They normally play at least one St Patrick's night do somewhere and sometimes St George's too.

September will generally see them at the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade/Cricket Club's Beer Festival and Trundle.

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The West Street Band are playing at the Snooty Fox beer festival in Lowick on Saturday 1st October, 7pm.

The West Street Band perform an eclectic mix of folk, country, traditional English, Irish and popular music from artists such as Van Morrison, The Pogues, Kirsty McColl, Richard Thompson, Steve Earle and more.

The band members all live (or once lived), play and drink in Geddington, Northamptonshire, famous for its well-preserved 13th century Eleanor Cross and well-pickled residents.

The West Street Band evolved from earlier incarnations such as the Old Speckled Men and the CRAPP Band into the slightly flabby but genial (as opposed to lean, mean) outfit of today. Various forms have regularly appeared at the famed Geddstock festival over the years and at all of the Woodfordstock festivals at The Dukes, Woodford in aid of Cransley Hospice You may see some of us busking at Thrapston farmers market on occasion too.

You can hear some short extracts of some songs that we recorded during rehearsals here.

This is the current line up:

Members of the band

From right to left:
Suzie Woods (vocals, percussion, gin)
Dick Rowley (guitars, banjo, vocals, percussion, beer, gin)
Paul Woods (vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, cider, gin)
Becky Peace (vocals, ukulele, percussion, cider, whiskey)
Paul Adams (bodhrán*, washboard, harmonica, percussion, vocals, beer, gin)
* Irish drum

Contact the West Street Band

You can contact the West Street Band by email at bandinfo@weststreetband.co.uk

The Band at Geddstock 2009

A Young Admirer

A Band for All Seasons!

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